Episode 36: Cannabis-Infused Gum & Fruit Chews w/ Amy Nudelman

We know it seems like cannabis is in everything these days, but cannabis-infused gum and fruit chews are not just fads. In interview 36, McCarter and SK interview Amy Nudelman, the founder of JoyGum, the only patented cannabis-infused gum, and JoyBombs, cannabis-infused fruit chew confections available in Colorado and soon, Massachusetts. We discuss the ups […]

Episode 35: Mushroom Madness w/ Zane Marsh

Our mushroom episodes are becoming more and more common and we’re not mad about it! In Episode 35 we chat with Zane Marsh, a local fungi enthusiast who recently moved to Boulder from Ohio. We talk about mental health benefits, psilocybin legalization here in Colorado, various fungi applications and abilities of different strains, and ideas […]

Episode 34 – Plants Over Poison: Cannabis & Cancer w/ Danielle Gilliam

Buckle up for an intense yet informative and enlightening episode 34 with cancer survivor and cannabis advocate Danielle Gilliam. Trigger Warning: In this episode, we talk about cancer, medical procedures, mental health and using natural medicines compared to Opioids. She gives incredible insight into her journey of being diagnosed with Chordoma, a rare type of […]

Episode 32: Cannabis Infused Dinners w/ Chef Emily Oyer

  Have you watched the culinary show Chopped? Chef Emily Oyer, this episode’s guest, won an episode of Chopped 420! For episode 32, McCarter and SK sat down with Oyer and got the entire run-down of her experience on the show and how she has made her way as a cannabis chef. Oyer made the […]

Episode 31: Cannabis Content Creation w/ @esoteric.420

We get vulnerable! In episode 31, we bring on Cody aka @esoteric.420 on Instagram, who has been creating cannabis content for over 7 years and accumulated a following of over 130,000 people with his macro-style cannabis photography and videos. We talk about the universe throwing obstacles at you and how to stick to your path, […]

Episode 30: Compost Tea Fertilizer w/ Edaphic Solutions

Episode 30 is here! We spoke to Shelby Kaminski and Volta Lourias of Edaphic Solutions about permaculture, the beneficial plants and bugs that can help replenish our soil, how they make the liquid plant food that is compost tea, and why natural carbon-based fertilizers are better than processed, chemical-heavy nitrate-based fertilizers to save our soil […]

Episode 29: Denver Cannabis, Crypto, & Beyond w/ Matthew Williams

What a treat! This conversation is so fun and unlike anything we have done before. Matthew Williams is a Denver-based, Kansas City-bred entrepreneur and founder of Escospark LLC; he works with cannabis and ancillary businesses helping to spread the love and education of the plant. We discuss hemp packaging solutions, starting your own business, growing […]

Episode 28: Colorado Cannabis Caregiving w/ Lil’ Pharmer

Lil Pharmer, first name Michael, has been growing cannabis for medical patients in Colorado for over 10 years. Originating from West Virginia, Michael shares his story into how the cannabis caregiver process works, how to create your own genetics with pollen from a male plant, and we test out some of his delectable buds. Find […]

Episode 27: Healing Properties of Fungi w/ Zach Hedstrom of Boulder Mushroom

  This episode is filled with information from Zach Hedstrom, founder and owner of Boulder Mushroom, a culinary and medicinal mushroom cultivation farm and laboratory located in Boulder, Colorado. We discuss turkey tail and lion’s mane in detail, two of the most promising species of fungi in terms of medicinal capabilities. Boulder Mushroom is working […]