Episode 36: Cannabis-Infused Gum & Fruit Chews w/ Amy Nudelman

We know it seems like cannabis is in everything these days, but cannabis-infused gum and fruit chews are not just fads. In interview 36, McCarter and SK interview Amy Nudelman, the founder of JoyGum, the only patented cannabis-infused gum, and JoyBombs, cannabis-infused fruit chew confections available in Colorado and soon, Massachusetts. We discuss the ups and downs of starting a cannabis business from the ground up, running a cannabis business, regulation insights, formulations and the biggest challenges Amy has faced moving to Colorado to pursue her dreams.

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Artwork by Alison Hunt. Editing by Victor Ramos. Music by Casey Russell.

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[00:00:00] Intro
[00:06:24] Episode Start
[00:07:44] Getting Into Gum
[00:12:04] Ad
[00:12:48] Back To Episode
[00:17:58] Regulation Thoughts
[00:21:24] Industry Ideas
[00:26:24] Customer Insights
[00:32:57] Background On Company
[00:40:00] Formulations
[00:42:09] Challenges
[00:51:36] Last Questions