Episode 35: Mushroom Madness w/ Zane Marsh

Our mushroom episodes are becoming more and more common and we’re not mad about it! In Episode 35 we chat with Zane Marsh, a local fungi enthusiast who recently moved to Boulder from Ohio. We talk about mental health benefits, psilocybin legalization here in Colorado, various fungi applications and abilities of different strains, and ideas for how fungi can help change our world in the future. As usual, we get deep and sometimes a little off topic, but it’s always interesting!

This episode is sponsored by Randy’s Resin Guard (better than water for your water pipe) ~ use code “McCarterGetsHigh” for 20% off!

Artwork by Alison Hunt. Editing by Victor Ramos. Music by Casey Russell.

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5:52 – Episode Start

15:20 – Commercial

22:36 – Mental Conversations

32:00 – Legalization Talk

35:20 – Cool Mushroom Stuff

44:44 – Winding Down

51:52 – Wrap Up