Episode 33: Cannabis Market Insights, Psilocybin Licensing, & More w/ Vince DiMichele

In episode 33, Vince DiMichele is back for round 2! McCarter and SK interview Vince for a second time to discuss the current state of the cannabis market here in Colorado and the budding New York market; see episode 7 ~ Cannabis Compliance & LSD for our first conversation with Vince. We also get into the future of psilocybin (and other natural medicine) state licensing, the progress of banking and laws on the state and federal levels. Conversations with Vince never disappoint!

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Artwork by Alison Hunt. Editing by Victor Ramos. Music by Casey Russell.

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0:08 – Intro

3:42 – Episode Start

6:00 – Industry Talk & Nationwide Updates

19:56 – Ad

20:41 – Psilocybin

25:46 – Insights & Real Talk

42:40 – Ending Questions To Outro