Episode 31: Cannabis Content Creation w/ @esoteric.420

We get vulnerable! In episode 31, we bring on Cody aka @esoteric.420 on Instagram, who has been creating cannabis content for over 7 years and accumulated a following of over 130,000 people with his macro-style cannabis photography and videos. We talk about the universe throwing obstacles at you and how to stick to your path, how to adapt to new technologies and make content creation into a full time career.

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Artwork by Alison Hunt. Editing by Victor Ramos. Music by Casey Russell.

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0:08 – Intro

3:08 – Episode Start

9:54 – Industry Thoughts

13:18 – Content Creation

26:08 – Ad

29:56 – Future Endeavors

35:43 – Photo Hustle

38:00 – Technology

44:10 – Career Talk

50:38 – Transition To End

58:52 – DMT Story