Episode 28: Colorado Cannabis Caregiving w/ Lil’ Pharmer

Lil Pharmer, first name Michael, has been growing cannabis for medical patients in Colorado for over 10 years. Originating from West Virginia, Michael shares his story into how the cannabis caregiver process works, how to create your own genetics with pollen from a male plant, and we test out some of his delectable buds. Find him on Instagram @lil_pharmer or at his website lilpharmer.com.

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Artwork by Alison Hunt. Editing by Victor Ramos. Music by Casey Russell.

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2:24 – Interview Begins

3:15 – Growing Talk & Caregiving

8:27 – Ad

8:51 – Back To Episode

10:26 – Strains & Growing

24:52 – Genetics

29:29 – Lights

27:16 – Future of Cannabis

41:18 – Final Questions