Episode 36: Cannabis-Infused Gum & Fruit Chews w/ Amy Nudelman

We know it seems like cannabis is in everything these days, but cannabis-infused gum and fruit chews are not just fads. In interview 36, McCarter and SK interview Amy Nudelman, the founder of JoyGum, the only patented cannabis-infused gum, and JoyBombs, cannabis-infused fruit chew confections available in Colorado and soon, Massachusetts. We discuss the ups […]

Episode 35: Mushroom Madness w/ Zane Marsh

Our mushroom episodes are becoming more and more common and we’re not mad about it! In Episode 35 we chat with Zane Marsh, a local fungi enthusiast who recently moved to Boulder from Ohio. We talk about mental health benefits, psilocybin legalization here in Colorado, various fungi applications and abilities of different strains, and ideas […]

Episode 3: Mental Health & Microdosing Plant-Based Medicines w/ Natasha Lannerd

microdosing shrooms

In Episode 3 with Natasha Lannerd we discuss several plant and fungi- based medicines such as DMT, Ayahuasca, Psilocybin and more. Natasha even discusses how certain breath work can lead to a psychedelic experience ~ CRAZY! Natasha also discusses how cannabis can help with pain and discomfort associated with Celiac’s Disease, along with why proper […]