Episode 26: Cannabis & Motherhood w/ Sweet Jane Magazine’s Katy Ibsen

There’s so much stigma around cannabis, but there’s even more stigma around mom’s who use cannabis, usually for fear that they suddenly become a bad parent. This episode with Katy Ibsen, founder & publisher of Sweet Jane Magazine. We talk about the threat of women (unknowingly) getting drug tested in the hospital and Child Protective […]

Episode 25: NFTs, Art & Cannabis w/ RubeZilla

  What are NFTs? How are they related to art & cannabis? We discuss all this and more with Denver-based artist Ruben Cabrera, aka RubeZilla (Rube for short), known for his emotion-filled “Faces” street art. Growing up in New York with family roots in Puerto Rico, Rube describes how he got into weed after getting […]

Episode 24: The Business of Blunts w/ Gentleman Quinns

  Have you ever smoked a blunt? It’s one of the most iconic ways to smoke weed in America thanks to rap and hip-hop culture. We get deep into the weeds with co-founders Jarell Wall and Austin Pflumm of Gentleman Quinns Blunt Co., high class big ass blunts (with zero tobacco) about how they started […]

Episode 23: CBD & Herbal Smoke Blends w/ Laura Murphy

  Hemp and other herbs have long been smoked for their medicinal, self care and ritual purposes, and Laura Murphy’s Velvet Roots Apothecary is keeping the tradition alive with her small batch online apothecary based out of Denver, Colorado. We discuss mental health, using cannabis to alleviate stress, mindful consumption and so much more! This episode […]

Episode 22: Managing a Cannabis Dispensary w/ Rachel Sukhovitsky

What products are best to carry, from where do you source your weed, what are the most common questions you get from customers, is it hard to keep a reliable budtending staff — these are all questions we discuss (and much more) with Rachel Sukhovitsky boutique cannabis dispensary manager of Village Green Society in Boulder, […]

Episode 21: Hemp & Hempcrete w/ Dani Fontaine

  In Episode 21, McCarter and SK sit down with hemp-queen Dani Fontaine, founder of the Colorado Hemp Project and Nature’s Root. She has been working with the cannabis plant since 2008 when she started Colorados’ first all-organic edible company called Tastee Yummees. Since then she has re-focused her work on growing and processing industrial […]

Episode 20: Sex & Cannabis w/ Angela Mustone

  Episode 20 gets WILD as we bring on Angela Mustone, CEO and Founder of sensual intimacy brand High on Love, to discuss sex and cannabis! She explains her 15-year journey working in the sex industry and how she started her own brand that combines sexual wellness with cannabis science and medicine. High on Love’s […]

Episode 19: Cannabis Nutrients & Fertilizers w/ Tim McCormick

  Oh my goodness this episode is knowledge-city!! In episode 19, McCarter and SK sit down with agricultural chemist Tim McCormick, co-founder of Denver-based Cultured Biologix, an organic-based cannabis nutrients company. We discuss why organic and carbon-based fertilizers will save the planet and always yield the best fruits, vegetables and weed. This episode is sponsored […]

Episode 18: Cannabis Product Innovation w/ Gabby Pavelko

  White glove delivery services, hand-painted cannabis-infused chocolates, THC perfume (by Drew Martin); this is the future of products and customer service in the cannabis industry. In this episode, we sat down with Gabby Pavelko, CEO and Founder of Good People, a value-based community and consulting company for cannabis based out of San Francisco, California. […]

Episode 17: Cannabis & Parenting w/ John & Alison Shute

  WOAH; buckle up for an eye-opening start to 2022! In this episode, parents John and Alison Shute come on the podcast with their adorable 9-month-old baby Willow to discuss navigating cannabis use as parents in this crazy world we live in. We touch on: explaining cannabis to children, consuming responsibly as parents, childproof packaging, […]