Episode 26: Cannabis & Motherhood w/ Sweet Jane Magazine’s Katy Ibsen

There’s so much stigma around cannabis, but there’s even more stigma around mom’s who use cannabis, usually for fear that they suddenly become a bad parent. This episode with Katy Ibsen, founder & publisher of Sweet Jane Magazine. We talk about the threat of women (unknowingly) getting drug tested in the hospital and Child Protective Services taking away their baby. We discuss the studies happening right now that are trying to find out if consuming cannabis during pregnancy is safe. We get real and RAW!

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Artwork by Alison Hunt. Editing by Victor Ramos. Music by Casey Russell.

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0:00 – Show Start

1:47 – Interview Begins

2:48 – Cannabis Conversations (pregnancy, studies, starting mag, empowering women)

17:00 – Cannabis Questions & Kids

26:12 – Weedmaps Ad (36 Seconds)

26:53 – Cannabis, Kids & Parenting Convo Cont.

37:25 – Consumption & Education

45:28 – Updates & Final Questions

54:26 – Outro