Episode 1: Smoking Weed & Following Your Dreams w/ Lizzy & Nick Cozzi

WOW! We did it. You’re probably here because you listened to the first episode of McCarter Gets High Podcast featuring guests Lizzy and Nick Cozzi, or found McCarter on the internets. Whatever brought you here, Welcome! We’re jazzed you’re here.

In the first episode we wanted to set the scene of legal cannabis businesses and how they operate (i.e. how they have funding, got licenses, produce their products and more). Nick Cozzi started The MKT Colorado several years back, and they currently sell wholesale flower to dispensaries across Colorado. Lizzy, along with having her own social marketing agency Social Lizard, creates all the digital art and marketing for The MKT Colorado (check out their dope instagram page here).

McCarter’s favorite strains from The MKT Colorado include Papaya Punch and Tropaya. All their flower is hand trimmed, handmade and sustainably packaged; you can find their flower at The Peaceful Choice in Boulder and other shops!

McCarter and Liz are literal soul-sisters & continue to travel and create content together as great friends and collaborators!

This episode is sponsored by MJ Arsenal ~ use code “McCarterGetsHigh” for 15% off at checkout!